INPEX® 2007, Another "Knockout"!

INPEX Show Floor

INPEX®, America's Largest Invention Trade Show, was held June 6-9, 2007 in Pittsburgh, PA. Now in its 23rd year, this year's show featured over 1000 inventions from 20 countries.

Industry professionals and manufacturers, including representatives from John Deere and HSN, were able to walk the show floor to scout for new products. From exercise equipment to a modified baby carrier to sunglasses with a built in fan, INPEX® had product ideas in almost any category. A partial listing of inventions exhibited this year is available in this newsletter.

For the second year in a row, INPEX® welcomed representatives from Everlast® and the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation who held product reviews to search for the newest fitness and hardware and tool inventions. In addition, INPEX® was proud to welcome representatives from the WAHL Clipper Corporation®, Hasbro, Office Depot® and Tupperware® who also conducted private product reviews at the show.

Numerous inventors participated in these corporate product reviews. While it is too early to predict results, the companies are following up with many of the inventors that they met with, and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

If your company is interested in arranging a product review at INPEX® 2008, please email Howard Siegel or call 1-800-422-0871, x4154.

Unpatented inventions were exhibited in the Inventor's Galleria, an enclosed area just off the main show floor. Qualified attendees who first registered with the InventHelp® Data Bank could view these confidential ideas and watch invention demonstration videos. For more information about these ideas or the InventHelp® Data Bank please call 1-866-806-0476.

Attendees were also invited to sit in on the seminars at INPEX® Inventors University™, held each morning prior to the opening of the show floor. While the University's main focus is to provide information that inventors may find useful when pursuing their ideas, one particular seminar was aimed to educate business professionals. This year, the Black Line Group's Scott Schmidt presented "How to Maximize Your Company's R&D Tax Credit." The Black Line Group is an independent firm that focuses exclusively on providing R&D tax credit expertise to small and mid-size business owners.

"Many companies are surprised to find out how broad the definition of research and development is, and how they can benefit from significant tax credits if they are involved in manufacturing or developing new products," said Schmidt. "This is a way to find out if your company is leaving significant money on the table."

Many of the speakers at the INPEX® Inventors University™ also take the time to meet with inventors one-on-one at the INPEX® Inventors Resource Center, and find that speaking at INPEX® is a good way to get the word out about their own products as well.

If presenting a seminar at the Inventor's University or giving face-to-face advice to inventors in the
Resource Center sounds like something you or your company would like to do at INPEX® 2008, please email Susan Rich or call 1-888-544-6739, x4120.

The excitement didn't end after the show floor closed. For the second year, INPEX® hosted The Friday Night Everlast® Black and Gold Invitational, which featured Olympic hopefuls duking it out in the big ring. The event was held in the ExpoMart, right in the same ring where inventors presented their products earlier that week. These amateur boxers wowed the crowd and kept fans cheering throughout each bout. Attendees were able to network over refreshments in the VIP lounge before heading up to the upper balcony VIP seating area."It was a great way to spend the evening," said Tom Kroll, president and co-founder of IMET Corporation, a prototyping and engineering firm. "You won't find another trade show that goes out of its way to entertain attendees like INPEX®."

# # #

INPEX® 2008 will be held June 11-14, 2008. For more information on attending, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please visit or call 888-54-INPEX.